Player Profile


Senior Poway, CA

Year on pomline :4th
Major :Business
Favorite thing about being in the Pride of Arizona :Alex’s favorite thing about being in the POA is the opportunity to represent the amazing University of Arizona on such a large scale. There is nothing like the feeling of doing pregame and getting to cheer for the best school out there! Being a part of the Pride of Arizona and the Pomline has given Alex my best college memories and the chance to be a part of something so much bigger than herself and is so grateful for the people and relationships she has built from this program.

Alex has been dancing since she was three years old and competitively since she was nine. Alex went to San Diego Dance Center until she joined her high school dance team. Alex went to Poway High School where she competed at several competitions and won USA Nationals several times throughout her four years. After high school Alex came to the U of A where I decided she wasn’t ready to end her dance career so she auditioned for the Arizona Pomline. Alex is currently finishing her final year and will be graduating with a degree in Business Management in the spring.